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Piano Teacher Harringay (N4, N8, N15 Piano Lessons)

About the local area

The district of Harringay in North London consists of seven distinct areas of urban development and borders the districts of Tottenham and Hornsey. It takes its name from Heringes-hege, meaning "Hering's clearing", a nod to the Saxons who arrived and made a clearing, which developed to be a settlement, in the area that was then the Great Middlesex Forest, north of the Thames. The words Harringay, Haringey and Hornsey (by an somewhat circuitous route) all derive from the same word.

One of the more recognisable natural features of Harringay is the New River, which runs to Hertfordshire. Originally it ran in a big loop along Allison and Hewitt Roads on the Harringay Ladder, but with the coming of the railway in 1850, and urban development of the ladder three decades later, it had to be straightened out. The New River enters a tunnel behind Wightman Road (number 201) and emerges behind Seymour Road, running parallel along the Harringay Ladder all the way to Finsbury Park. There is a route next to the aqueduct from Hornsey station, right down to Allison Road, that makes a for a nice little walk.

You can also cut through the houses on the Harringay Ladder using the Harringay Passage. The passage marks the location of the Hornsey outfall sewer, built in the 1870s to drain the parish of Hornsey. The gap between houses resulted because houses could not be built over the sewers. To prevent overflows from flooding houses next to the passage, a surge tower was built in Railway Fields, which can be found at the bottom end of the ladder, opposite Harringay Green Lanes station. Railway Fields used to be an old goods depot. The coal for the steam trains also used to be stored here. It is now a little nature reserve and provides some respite from the hustle and bustle of Green Lanes.

Green Lanes consists of small shops selling food, clothing and household items and restaurants and supermarkets to meet the needs of the local population. It has also featured in films such as Spider (2003), Face (1997), Chaplin (1992) and The Long Good Friday (1980), playing temporary hosts to the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, Richard Attenborough, Dame Helen Mirren and Pierce Brosnan.

There are many things you can do on a weekend, such as simply browsing in the shops in Green Lanes. For young children, there are also other recreational spaces like Fairland Park (between Fairfax Road and Falkland Road) where they can play. And if they prefer a different kind of "play", why not get them started playing a music instrument such as the piano? Piano playing involves co-ordination, mental acuity and develops life-skills such as perserverance, willingness to apply theoretical knowledge, problem-solving. Having to work out the notes and rhythms in two lines of music and then play them accurately without closely monitoring the keyboard teaches a learner to develop a link between using all the senses, and balancing practical application with theoretical knowledge. And if you get stuck at a certain point, you learn to stop to assess, and develop skills to enable you to play the music.

As a visiting piano teacher, I travel to your home to give lessons. I am based in N4 and visit areas such as the Harringay Ladder (both the N4 and N8 parts), Finsbury Park, Manor House and Stroud Green. I also venture out to other parts of N8 such as Crouch End, Hornsey, Turnpike Lane, and also Muswell Hill (N10), Highgate (N6), Wood Green (N22) and West Green (N15). Even if your consideration is only at a preliminary stage, why not get in touch? You can text or call 0795 203 6516, or email learn@pianoworks.co.uk - speaking to an experienced piano teacher (nearly twenty years) may help to clarify any thoughts you might have about taking up the piano. You can also visit this link: Piano Teacher Harringay N4 for more information about possibly taking up piano lessons.

Learn the piano by playing music you like while extending your skills in a positive process.

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