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I am a piano teacher around Muswell Hill and give piano lessons in N10. To have piano lessons at your home, get in touch! 0795 203 6516 or email: learn@pianoworks.co.uk to start your musical journey! Or click here for more information: Piano Lessons Muswell Hill.

Piano Teacher Muswell Hill N10

When you look at Muswell Hill today, especially on a busy Saturday afternoon, and take in the sights of all around you, it is hard to believe that Muswell Hill used to have a popuation of less than two thousand people - but it's true. In the late 1880s it was still rural, consisting of open spaces and woods, and a small smattering of houses and cottages. But in the late 1890s there was a rapid expansion that led it to become what it is today. But why did the rapid expansionism only begin then, instead of earlier the nineteenth century, considering the railways had been built then? One theory goes that while there was inclination to move into the scenic area, much of the land available for building still only remained within the hands of a few owners, but the introduction of inheritance tax in 1894 induced land to be sold off and the sums transferred to descendants, rather than fall into the hands of the government. Another theory goes that Muswell Hill, on a steep incline was less accessible than other areas like Crouch End and Hornsey and so took longer to develop.

Muswell Hill was largely built up by developers such as James Edmondson and the Collins family. There are many variations for the name "Muswell", but many believe they originate from Old English words meaning "mossy" and "spring". In the fifteenth century the water from the spring was purported to have curative powers and a well was constructed on the site of what is modern Muswell Road (you can still see a plaque on number 40). The most famous landmark of Muswell Hill, Alexandra Palace, was named after Princess Alexandra of Denmark and opened in 1873. The Parkland Walk North follows the path of a railway line originating from Cranley Gardens to the palace.

Ally Pally, as it is known locally, is the site of many exhibitions and music festivals. For those interested in music, there is the Les Aldrich music shop which caters to both young and old. While formal music lessons start around the age of six or seven for most children, you are never too old to learn music! Despite what people say about learning being best at a young age, adults too can benefit from lessons in an instrument like the piano. Maturity and experience mean that you will pick up and grasp concepts much more quickly, and there is less of a need for repetition of an activity to seal in a point. Young children are unencumbered by life's daily concerns and have time at their disposal, so focussed work is good too, but adults, by virture of experience and maturity have a sharper learning curve.

If you are considering learning the piano, why not get in touch? I give lessons at your home in the N10 area, from Colney Hatch Lane down to Onslow Gardens at the other end of Muswell Hill. I teach using songs you are familiar with, and gradually develop your skills to play harder songs and music you may not necessarily have initially considered, so that eventually you are able to work out how to decipher a piece of music from its notated form and play it well. I also teach composition and improvisational skills, for those interested in jazz and writing their own songs. Just to reiterate, I travel to your home for the lessons, so you will never have to have the hassle of travel; you can be working on something else right up to the moment I arrive, and if the piano lessons are for a child, you can be doing something else in your own home while the lesson is in progress. Get in touch either by email or text, or with a simple phone call!

Considering piano lessons for yourself or for a child? Drop me a simple text or email, or call! Piano Lessons Muswell Hill