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Below is a post for www.pianoworks.co.uk on the history of Stroud Green - if you are looking for more information about piano lessons in the N4 area, please visit Piano Teacher Stroud Green N4.

Piano Teacher in Stroud Green - N4 Piano Lessons at home

There are many places called Stroud Green in the United Kingdom. The one in London N4 is matched with others in Surrey, Berkshire and Essex, and used to be marshland. The first mention of this particular Stroud Green in 1403 was with reference to Tolentone or Tollington in Islington, but since its inception it has grown to a suburb that borders Hornsey and Islington. Modern-day Stroud Green has two conservation areas; largely triangulated by Crouch Hill, Mount View Road and the Finsbury Park railway line to the North.

In bygone centuries, Stroud Green attracted wealthy merchants who rode in the city of London, as it was within reach by horse or even by foot. The owning of land and property outside the city was viewed as a mark of wealth and a status symbol. Houses outside the city were also perceived to be a place of safety in times of plague, and Stroud Green's location was a convenient intersection of work, status and security.

Stroud Green was largely suited for rural activities, such as the rearing of livestock and the production of hay. You can still see the connection with the past with places like The Old Dairy and Stapleton Mews (which used to be a resting place for horses in the days of horse-drawn carriages and trams), but by and large Stroud Green remained undeveloped until the mid 1850s with the introduction of the railways. The 2001 census put the population in Stroud Green as in managerial and professional occupations - quite a turnaround from its days as wet marshy wasteland!

The Parkland Walk is one of Stroud Green's attractions. The former railway line connects Finsbury Park with Highgate and is a quiet alternative way of travel on foot or bicycle to busy roads. As it crosses into the Islington side of Stroud Green, you can see the tree house that is a popular play area with kids, as well as the skateboard ramp for older children. But a walk on the disused railway line itself is an enjoyable recreational facility in itself.

There are many other opportunities for children's recreation outside of Stroud Green itself. Venture out to Hornsey, and you can find Priory Park (and its popular zip line) or Stationer's Park (with the famous castle). You can also play tennis in both parks, or if you prefer, head to Finsbury Park to do so, or feed the ducks. Further south of Finsbury Park, in Stoke Newington, there is a huge play area in Stoke Newington's Clissold Park.

If you are also exploring other recreational and enrichment opportunities for children, why not start them off on learning an instrument? Something like learning the piano equips one with life skills and attitudes for success later on in life. For example, learning the piano requires patience, careful application and understanding. It fosters independent learning through practice, as well as teaches co-operation and timing in group ensembles.

If you are thinking of piano lessons for your child, why not get in touch? I am based in the Stroud Green area and visit your home to give piano lessons. I start from music you already know and you learn by playing songs you like, all arranged to your abilities and to extend you towards developing a greater array of skills.

For more information about piano lessons in N4, please visit Piano Teacher Stroud Green