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Below is a historical post for www.pianoworks.co.uk - if you are looking for a piano teacher to visit your home to give piano lessons, why not get in touch? I cover areas in N4 such as Finsbury Park, Manor House, the Harringay Ladder, and Stroud Green. You can find out more by clicking on the link. Piano Teacher Finsbury Park.

Piano Teacher Finsbury Park - N4 Piano Lessons

But first, a little bit more about the area!

Finsbury Park is served by the National Rail and two London Underground lines. Before the 1930s the Piccadilly line used to terminate here, at the station but was soon extended onwards porgressively towards Cockfosters. It took a few more decards before the Victoria Line was added to the station in 1968, while the National Rail track was implemented only in the 1970s.

Finsbury Park itself used to house a tram depot and stables for horses in the section between Stroud Green Road and Seven Sisters Road. But with the introduction of electric trams in the early 1900s, these were made redundant and were instead converted into a cinema, the Finsbury Park Cinematograph (where the Lidl currently stands). Not all of the tram depot was taken up by the cinema; there was also a roller skating rink behind which subsequently became another cinema called The Rink. Two cinemas competing with each other on the same plot of land was not sustainable; the Cinematograph closed down in 1918.

The building used by the United Church along Seven Sisters Road and Isledon Road also used to be a cinema called the Astoria Cinema in the 1930s. The front of the building is shorter on the Seven Sisters Road side because when it was planned, a timber merchant that occupied the premises of 228-230 Seven Sisters Road refused to sell and vacate, so the building that eventually housed the cinema was designed around it. In another cinematic twist, the shop at number 228 had once served as Bijou's Picture Place.

Finsbury Park has a strong connection with the visual and performing arts. The block of flats south of the station, opposite the mosque, were once the site of the Finsbury Park Empire, a theatre designed by Frank Matcham, who designed over ninety theatres, including the London Coliseum and London Hippodrome, and upgraded a further eighty. While the Empire was demolished in 1965 to make way for the housing, theatre buffs can now go to the Park Theatre along Wells Terrace.

Seven Sisters Road has a wide and busy array of shops selling goods and services. The Tower House (no 141-149) served as a bath house and later became a piano factory. On the other side of the station, along Stroud Green Road, no 113 used to be the Holbrook School of Music.

If you have never considered taking up lessons in a music instrument, why not give it a try? Learning to play the piano provides a creative outlet for the stresses of life. The initial skill of multi-tasking two hands and the different skills of decoding dots on music staves before transforming these instructions spatially onto the keyboard to produce beautiful sounds is tricky and challenging, but the mastery of these will give you immense satisfaction.

Learning the piano is a skill best learnt with a piano teacher who can demonstrate and explain concepts, so it is quicker to grasp them, and your learning curve is accelerated, rather that assimilating the information in a linear fashion. It is not just a matter of working through a series of books and just playing the music in them, but managing the information you need, and explaining it in a way you can grasp, and which has relevance to you.

I am a piano teacher in the Finsbury Park, Manor House and Stroud Green areas (London N4) and visit your home to give piano lessons. I work using songs you know and music you like, arranging them to a suitable level of difficulty, so you can start playing music that is enjoyable and incentivises you to practice more to improve your skills. I also show you how you can improvise songs you know to different styles (such as in playing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" in a jazz style), and even compose your own!

If you know of someone who might benefit from having piano lessons, or were considering taking up the piano yourself, why not get in touch? Visiting your home means you avoid having the hassle of travel, you play on an instrument you are familiar with, and it is easier to arrange a piano lesson within your schedule - having a half-hour or hour lesson means the time you need to set aside doesn't swell with travel. And when your lesson is over, you're already home!

Learn a skill for life! In the process discover traits such as focus, concentration, perserverance and improved cognitive function through piano mastery.

I cover areas in N4 such as Finsbury Park, Manor House, the Harringay Ladder, and Stroud Green, and visit your home to give lessons Piano Teacher Finsbury Park